Maintenance contract

As we relieve you during the implementation, we can also realize this after delivery with a maintenance contract. This extends the life of your facades and all its components, as well as the functioning and burglar resistance.

Maintenance contract benefits:

  • Lifetime extension
  • Long-term operation of hinges and locks and ventilation grilles
  • Burglary resistance guarantee
  • Tailored to your facade
  • Guarantee originally issued guarantee in accordance with VMRG
  • Save on call-out costs and man hours
  • Determine the duration of the contract yourself (with a minimum duration of 1 year)

A maintenance contract extends the life of the facades and all its components, which means that replacement is postponed or even prevented.
Your hinges and locks wear less quickly and both locks continue to work more smoothly. Maintenance is necessary for the proper functioning and capacity of your gratings.

Correct adjustment and maintenance of window frames and facades will prevent moisture ingress and draft problems.
In addition, windows and doors are less sensitive to burglary and malfunctions will be resolved.

We take water caps, mounting caps and hinge caps with us.

Naturally, all this is done by specialists who work with safe products and in accordance with the applicable guidelines.

You can request a maintenance contact using the form below, after which we will make a suitable offer in accordance with your wishes.

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