Schüco aluminum frames

Are you going for durability, quality and low maintenance? Then choose Schüco aluminum frames at Fenestro Gevelbeheer. Our company is anofficialsupplier and manufacturer of Schüco, an innovative German brand. Schüco is one of the largest and best-known frame profile suppliers in the world and is renowned for the high quality they always deliver. That is why Fenestro also opts for Schüco aluminum frames. Together with Schüco we make profiles for windows, doors and facades. Our company has the latest machines in house and we can work very efficiently. This way we can manufacture the best frames. And always at a competitive price.

Aluminum is durable, sturdy and requires little maintenance

Modern windows, doors, sliding doors, folding walls and (curtain) facades of aluminum give your house a sleek design and ensure that you are well protected against burglars. They require hardly any maintenance and aluminum is an extremely durable and sturdy material. It lasts a long time, is infinitely recyclable and also leads to less energy consumption. The frames are thermally insulating (in combination with the right glass) because the profiles on the inside and outside are professionally separated from each other. Get acquainted with the many shapes, colours, controls and combination options.

Schüco windows

Design determines the character of your home
Windows determine the character of your home and make your home a pleasant place to be. They bring daylight into living areas, provide a view and protect you against the weather. In addition, they offer design and comfort. During the development of its products, Schüco devotes a great deal of time to the design of windows.

Various options

There are several options available when determining the design of your windows. As your supplier, we can always advise you on this. You can opt for completely flat windows with a tilt and turn sash that is visible from the inside and outside. The sash is flush with the frame at the front and with a stop on the inside. Flat windows are available in the AWS 65 series, among others. There are also windows with a recessed design. On the outside, the frame profile (the frame) is thickened by 55 mm, so that it stands forward. This creates an optical effect, as you may know from traditional wooden frames. Windows with a recessed design are available in the AWS 65 series, among others. In addition, modular combinations with optional design profiles are possible.


Windows should always be drained. Preferably by means of hidden drainage or by visible drainage with black or gray drainage caps. attention to shape and color. Design also plays an important role in our technology. For example, we work with our own system fittings with concealed hinges and you can achieve large window surfaces by means of slim profiling. That’s design you can enjoy every day!

Schüco operation

Schüco windows are always fitted with system fittings (also known as hinges and locks) developed by Schüco itself. This guarantees the highest degree of reliability. Because we design both the fittings and the profiles, they are perfectly matched to each other. As a result, our windows have an extremely long lifespan, require little maintenance, are large in size and easy to operate.

Types of Controls

With Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart fittings you can manually set windows to the tilt or turn position. Tilt and turn windows can also be operated automatically if they are fitted with TipTronic fittings. This means that a window can be opened or closed automatically when tilted. The rotary position can be operated manually. In addition to tilt-and-turn windows, tilt-for-turn windows are also possible.

The sequence of operation is reversed and the direction of rotation is blocked in the lockable position. The window can be unlocked using the key.


At Fenestro, we attach great importance to quality and sustainability. But we also like convenience. Convenience for our customers. With us you can quickly and easily put together your own frame and then order it. So you don’t have to request a quote first and wait until we have calculated a price. You can easily do this yourself online. You therefore know exactly where you stand and you will never be faced with unpleasant surprises afterwards.


We can always offer Schüco aluminum frames at a competitive price. This is possible because we use a special formula. You can save costs by measuring your frames yourself. Fenestro has made excellent measuring instructions for you, so that you can quickly measure and assemble your frame yourself. Step by step it is explained how best to measure. If you are unable to resolve the matter yourself, our expert staff will be happy to assist you.


Have you become enthusiastic about the option of installing Schüco aluminum frames? Then take a look at our website. Do you have any questions or would you like more information about the possibilities? Please contact one of our employees.