Schuco windows

Are you looking for quality and durability? Are you looking for windows that do not require maintenance? Then choose Schuco windows at Fenestro. We are official supplier and producer of this well-known and innovative brand. Schuco windows are available in many different colors and require little maintenance. Schoonmaken is zeer eenvoudig en schilderen niet nodig. Together with Schuco, we make profiles for windows, doors and facades. Our company has the latest machines in house and we can work very efficiently. This way we can manufacture the best frames. And always at a competitive price.


Schuco windows are durable and last a long time. And because Schuco frames are equipped with multi-chamber profiles, a stationary air layer is created. This makes them highly insulating, both in terms of heat and sound. Schuco windows also keep burglars away and have an official police quality mark. It is therefore not surprising that many individuals and companies already opt for Schuco aluminum frames.

To order

At Fenestro we like to use Schuco windows. We always go for quality and sustainability. It is also easy at Fenestro to put together your own frame and then order it. So you don’t have to request a quote first and wait until we have calculated a price. You can simply calculate the price of your product online yourself. Easy and clear. As a result, you know exactly where you stand and you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises afterwards.


At Fenestro we love convenience and cost savings. That is why you can easily measure your Schuco windows yourself. You save a lot on costs. It’s not difficult at all. Fenestro has made excellent measuring instructions for you, so that you can quickly measure and assemble your frame, door or facade yourself. Step by step it is explained how best to measure. If you are unable to find a solution yourself, our employees are always ready to answer questions or give advice.


Have you become enthusiastic about the possibility of installing Schuco windows? Then take a look at our website. Do you have any questions or would you like more information about the possibilities? Please contact one of our employees.